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LawyerGuard is designed for well-run law firms. Coverages are individually tailored to fit the needs of each law firm. Primary coverage is provided on an admitted basis and available in all states (except AK, ME, NH, OR & VT), subject to state filing requirements.

The Preferred Program for Defense Attorneys:

  • Established in 1988 as only Lawyers Professional Liability insurance program sponsored                        by the DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar.

  • Designed for law firms of all sizes engaged in at least 51% defense work.

  • Open to DRI members and non-members.

  • Deductible for defense firms is automatically reduced by 10%

  • Defense firms receive a 10–15% discount on their premium.

  • Defense firms are eligible for special coverage enhancements & fewer exclusions.


General Practice Lawyers Professional: 

  • Full time private practice law firms with 1–100 attorneys

  • Will consider most Areas of Practice, including:

          * Plaintiff Work BI / PI

          * Real Estate Work

          * Collections

          * Entertainment - No High Profile

          * Banking / Financial Institutions - Up to 25%

          * Securities – Up to 15%

          * Patent Litigation will be considered

Firm Operations:

  • Size of firm 1–100 attorneys

  • Revenue per attorney between $200K–$400K

  • No single client that is a high percent of firm’s revenue  

       (except if it is an insurance company)

  • Conflicts checks solid

  • Docket control – dual & independently monitored

  • Engagement letters – used 100% of time

  • Firm Receivables – low % > 180 days

  • Fee Suits – limited number

  • Prefer no Officer / Director / Ownership in client​