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Admitted Coverage

​Program Features​

The following list of features is a brief overview of the coverages offered by LawyerGuard's admitted product. You can also view our coverage features flyer here. Please ask your LawyerGuard representative for copies of the policy forms for a full description of coverage.

  • Mutual choice of counsel

  • Coverage for punitive damages on a “most favorable law” basis

  • Provides a 50% reduction in the deductible if the claim is settled through mediation (subject to a $25,000 maximum)

  • Crisis event coverage

  • Pre-claim assistance

  • No deductible for claims from pro bono work

  • A “soft” hammer clause

  • High loss of earnings and disciplinary defense coverage limits

  • Free retirement tail with no minimum retirement age

  • Free death / disability tails

  • 1, 2, 3, 5 year and unlimited tail options included in policy (including a 60 day automatic ERP)

  • Express coverage for malicious prosecution under the definition of personal injury

  • Up to $5 million in capacity

  • Claim Expenses Outside Limits available to qualifying firms

  • Loss Only and Aggregate Deductibles available to qualifying firms

  • Subpoena assistance coverage

  • Liberalization Clause

  • Prejudgment and Post-judgment interest (where allowable by law)

  • Coverage for Independent Contractors and Of Counsels

  • Ownership interest in clients up to 20% 


Defense Lawyers Professional

If the law firm qualifies for the DRI program (with 51% or more of its area of practice in defense work), it will also receive the following:

  • An endorsement to the policy that eliminates five exclusions

  • 10% reduction in the deductible

  • Subpoena assistance coverage uncapped

  • An additional premium credit of 10–15%.

View a specimen copy of the DRI Endorsement here.


Coverage is written on an admitted basis* by QBE Insurance Corporation, part of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the largest insurers and reinsurers worldwide. QBE insurance companies are rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co and “A+” by Standard & Poor’s. ​   


*Subject to state filing requirements

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