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Admitted Eligibility

LawyerGuard is designed for well-run law firms. Coverages are individually tailored to fit the needs of each law firm. Primary coverage is provided on an admitted basis and available in all states (except Alaska & Oregon), subject to state filing requirements.

The Preferred Program for Defense Attorneys


Established in 1988 as only Lawyers Professional Liability insurance program sponsored by the DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar. As the preferred program for defense attorneys, LaywerGuard is:

  • Designed for law firms of all sizes engaged in at least 51% defense work.

  • Open to DRI members and non-members.

  • Deductible for defense firms is automatically reduced by 10%.

  • Defense firms receive a 10–15% discount on their premium.

  • Defense firms are eligible for special coverage enhancements and fewer exclusions.


General Practice Lawyers Professional

​LaywerGuard's coverage for general practice lawyers includes:

  • Full-time private practice law firms with 1–100 attorneys

  • Will consider most Areas of Practice, including:

          * Plaintiff Work BI / PI

          * Real Estate Work

          * Collections

          * Entertainment - No High Profile

          * Banking / Financial Institutions - Up to 25%

          * Securities – Up to 15%

          * Patent Litigation will be considered

Firm Operations

LawyerGuard's program eligibility includes:

  • Size of firm 1–100 attorneys

  • Revenue per attorney between $200K–$400K

  • No single client that is a high percent of firm’s revenue  

       (except if it is an insurance company)

  • Conflicts checks solid

  • Docket control – dual & independently monitored

  • Engagement letters – used 100% of time

  • Firm Receivables – low % > 180 days

  • Fee Suits – limited number

  • Prefer no Officer / Director / Ownership in client​

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